Abby Leighton is an illustrator and designer from Simsbury, Connecticut. She is currently studying Communications Design with a focus in Illustration and Graphic Design at Pratt Institute in New York. From a very young age, Abby has always had a passion for the arts and continuously studied drawing, painting, and music throughout her entire academic career. She knew early on that she wanted to be an artist, and through the years has developed skills doing commissioned work, such as portraits, logos, and murals. Today, Abby a freelance illustrator and designer, aspiring to work along the music industry creating visuals for bands and artists.
PrattMWP Freshman Show (2016)                                      Utica, New York
The Five Minute Walk Sophomore Show (2016)                Utica, New York
The Other Side Gallery Seasons Show (2017)                    Utica, New York
Utica Pubic Library Annual Show (2017)                             Utica, New York
PrattMWP Sophomore Show (2017)                                    Utica, New York
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