This is a typography project that is designed to display all the font variations of Mrs. Eaves. As a Girl Scout of 13 years, I found it appropriate to re-design The Official Girl Scout Handbook, originally published in the 1920’s.  Girl scouting builds the courage, confidence, and character of girls across the nation so that they can become the most intelligent, confident and productive women they can possibly be.

I wanted this kit to be a hands-on experience; something that the girl could take with her on a scouting adventure.  I chose to hand wood-burn the front cover of the book and the first aid kit, to give the kit a more down-to-earth, durable, and handmade feel.  The book, utilizing the kettle stitch binding method, includes excerpts from the original handbook.  The kit includes a rope for the girl to practice tying knots, and a compass so that she never gets lost. The purpose of this kit is for the girl to always have a reliable reference on her, something that she can turn to in times of doubt to help her learn.

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